Hi, I'm Alberto!

I'm a Software Engineer addicted to running and leveraging technology to live better (which sometimes means using less tech).

I write a bi-weekly(ish) newsletter, Permanent Beta, where I discuss self-improvement, tech, and curiosities from around the Internet.

This site hosts my writings on software engineering, philosophy, productivity, and habits. I also publish notes and summaries from books I've read. Be sure to say hi!

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About Me In 30 Seconds

I live in San Francisco and work full-time at Akorda, a startup building the future of contracting software.

I'm also building Tiny Rockets, a community of doers, focused around building better habits for a more meaningful life.

I often write about my current interests, interesting books I've been reading, and things I'm experimenting with. You can dig through the archives and subscribe here.

I play underwater rugby whenever I get the chance (yes, it's a real sport! You can read more here) and run every day of the week.

I spend most Saturdays volunteering at Code For Venezuela, a non-profit with the mission to help our country through technology.

Things that light me up—mathematics and programming, writing, philosophy, tools for productivity, the psychology of habits, complex systems, health/longevity, food and coffee.

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