1000 Kilometers

10 months ago I hated running.

All my life I'd been obsessed with water sports: swimming, water polo, sailing, underwater rugby, rowing. I loved to be in and around the water.

But as I described in 30-for-30 #2, earlier this year I took on the challenge to start running.

The process wasn't easy. But once I formed the habit something clicked.

I started enjoying the runs. The easy ones and the hard ones.

Suddenly I was looking forward to going out every morning.

Which brings us to today.

It was a fresh and beautifully clear morning here in San Francisco. I drank my usual morning espresso, laced up, and went out the door.

Then, mid-run, my phone rang to notify me that I'd reached my first 1000 Kms.

I couldn't believe it!

One. Thousand. Kilometers.

I stopped. Checked my watch.

I was almost done with my run for the day. But I was too excited to stop.

I reset my watch and started over.

I wanted to celebrate my first 1000 Kms and what better than a run for it?

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