Updated: December 10, 2021 Reading Time: 2 minutes stage: complete

Despite all the rage on Twitter and the proliferation of newsletters and blogs, writing is still an underrated activity.

I've been writing somewhat consistently for a year and my life has changed in the process: I've learned to communicate better, have thoughtful discussions, and form more complete opinions.

The problem is that writing is hard. It is challenging to clarify and order my random thoughts into something sensible. But once I do that I feel great and at ease, like after a good meditation session.

The hardest part though is writing consistently. It is easy to write a single day, but to sit down day after day to confront my monkey mind and extract decent words and ideas from it is difficult. The brain has ways to trick itself into not working.

For me what has worked so far is having an accountability partner, someone who pushes you when you don't want to keep going. I'm not sure I would be writing now if it were not for my writing partners John Lanza and Bardia Shahali.

And so when I learned about "Ship 30 for 30" writing I decided to give it a try. I know accountability can do wonders and it is why I'm writing these words: this is the first of 30 micro-essays I'll be writing over the next month. The plan is to improve a bit every day. Number 30 will be better than number 1.