Atomic Running Guide

Updated: December 10, 2021 Reading Time: 2 minutes stage: complete

I've been writing about running for the past fourteen days. Today marks the last one on this topic, so I wanted to leave you with an easy guide to get you started on this amazing journey.

1. Start small but steady. In my experience, this is the key to start a lasting running habit. Something like "2 miles every day" or "5K every other day" will do. Don't complicate things

2. I've repeated this one ad nauseam: "Never miss two days in a row". This works. It helps us push our limits. Even if you're tired, or it's cold outside, or you're just lazy, don't allow your brain to come up with excuses. Run!

3. Don't worry about gear. A decent pair of running shoes will do. You'll improve much more by focusing on proper running form and building your running muscles than worrying about the perfect, most comfortable pair of shoes. Blisters are inevitable.

4. Expect bad days. Some days you'll feel awful, you'll want to stop running and just walk or go back home. That's OK. Learn from these experiences. Things are not meant to be easy all the time.

5. Plan for one long run every week. Increase the distance over time. Learn to push yourself to your limits and embrace the struggle.

6. Enjoy! Above all, the key to running is to enjoy every step, every day, every week.