Browser extensions I use as of October 2020

Updated: December 10, 2021 Reading Time: 2 minutes stage: complete

Recently I started using Video Speed Controller a Chrome extension that lets you speed up any video that you stream online. While there are clear advantages to watch videos at faster speeds, this got me thinking about browser extensions in general.

Nowadays, we spend so much time online that browsers are the most important app on our computers. And extensions exist to enrich an otherwise sub-par experience. So much so that there are some extensions without which I could not survive surfing the web.

Here's my current list:

  • SurfingKeys: add Vim keybindings to the browser. It also allows customizing the browser's behavior using JavaScript. I'm so used to not using my mouse that I feel handicapped without this extension. If this looks too complex to you, Vimium is a simpler alternative.
  • Grammarly: just install this and improve your English grammar instantly. I've gotten to the point where I almost trust it blindly.
  • Instapaper: This extension installs a shortcut (cmd + shift + s) that lets me save articles to my Instapaper queue for later reading.
  • Privacy Badger: Made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this extension automatically blocks most online trackers.
  • Cultivate: this is a recent addition. It shows "Made in the USA" alternatives when you're browsing products on Amazon.
  • Bitwarden: Password managers are useless without an extension. I used it multiple times per day.
  • Tiny Rockets: Can't help it but include it. We just launched a new Tiny Rockets extension that lets you go directly to your habits tracker and shows you an inspiring quote every morning.