Keystone Habits

Updated: December 10, 2021 Reading Time: 2 minutes stage: complete

When starting to build new habits we must not fall for the trap of going all in all at once.

It is OK to be super excited and motivated to improve yourself but if you don't manage your energy correctly you'll burn your fuel too quickly and homeostasis—our natural condition to resist change—will kick in throwing us back to the starting line but with an empty tank.

We know it is better to start small. Habits—both good and bad—are built over a long period of time and through repetition. You won't crave donuts every day if you eat 10 donuts all at once. But if you eat one a day for a couple of weeks, your body will get used to the feeling and the routine.

But small is not enough.

It is also fundamental to work on your keystone habits. Those habits will trigger behavior changes across the board and serve as catalysts for more and bigger changes.

One example that has helped over the years is to make my bed every morning. It might sound trivial and boring, but making my bed counts as my first win of the day and primes my mind to go after other wins.

And as US Navy Admiral William H McRaven says

  • "If you wanna change the world start off by making your bed".

Building healthy habits and improving yourself doesn't need to be painful and all at once. Tiny actions go a long way. 🚀