New Beginnings

Have you ever asked yourself why does the year start in January? Since the times of Julius Caesar the calendar was set to start in the month of Janus, the Roman god of all beginnings, transitions, and endings.

How fitting this is, even in modern times.

Rather than living life in a continuum with just two endpoints (birth and death), we get to split it into chunks.

Every twelve months, after feasting and enjoying time with our loved ones during Christmas, we get a new opportunity.

Every year we get a fresh start, an almost clean slate—I say almost because life is not stateless, we carry our experiences—that we must take advantage of.

But despite endless traditions, annual review templates, and courses, most New Years' resolutions go to waste.

We get too cocky and ambitious. After we emerge from the holidays' hangover we feel pumped.

365 new days to do something big.

Instead we should focus on small, incremental changes.

Rather than thinking of the new year as a new game entirely, we should think of it as the next level in our game of life.

Rather than starting from scratch and hoping for a revolution of the self, think of the next twelve months as an opportunity to continue to evolve and grow into the human being you want to become.

Life is exactly this, constant and incremental change all building up to make a story, the story of your life.

So, good luck in writing this new chapter!

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