Pen and Paper

Alberto Sadde
December 2, 2020

Sometimes it's just that simple.

We've grown so used to artificialities that we forget simple yet powerful physical tools stills exist.

It happened to me today.

After a full day working on my computer—I'm a programmer so it's hard to spend time away from it—I had to write my atomic essay of the day. Number 17.

But my mind was blank.

A full day starting at a screen had taken its toll.

I felt desperate.

"I can't just quit on day 17"—I thought.

I gave myself some more time only to keep staring at a blank screen.

I decided to take a break and wandered around my living/office room.

And then I saw it.

My notebook was laying on the edge of my desk all but forgotten.

I picked it up. Scrolled through pages filled with sketches and random notes.

Suddenly I felt inspired. I grabbed a pen.

In no time the words you are reading this moment started flowing without trouble.

Mind and pen worked in unison. I watched from a distance, astonished.

Sometimes, it's really just that simple.

A change of tools. A change of perspective.

Nothing beats pen and paper when it comes to writing.

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