Start running

Earlier this year I started running. It wasn't easy. I used to hate running. I used to think running was boring and not hard enough.

But after reading how a CEO improved his mental strength by running at least 2 miles every day, I was up for the challenge.

So in late January (can't believe we're still in 2020), I set the goal of running 2 miles or 25 minutes (whichever came first) 5 days a week. In the beginning, I struggled. After a few runs, I didn't want to go out anymore, rain and cold always seemed like good excuses but I endured. My brain was not going to win.

Fast-forward 11 months and I run two miles as a warmup. My body has changed quite a lot. It still surprises me. I'm leaner but stronger and sturdier. I am more energized throughout the day. And even when I'm tired, I know that's only my brain playing dirty tricks. But I can control that, overcome the laziness, and keep going.

Running is much more than physical exercise, it builds your mental strength. No wonder guys like Cameron Hanes and David Goggins are such great runners. You should give it a try.

Get up and go for a run, you won't regret it!

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