Tiny Rockets

Updated: December 10, 2021 Reading Time: 2 minutes stage: complete

Friends have been asking me why we named our project Tiny Rockets.

What do habit-building and community have in common with small space rockets?

I'm glad you asked because they have a lot in common.

First, let's talk about the rockets part. For us, a space rocket signifies the future and the road to improvement. Rockets are about dreaming big and aiming for the stars. Building habits is about fueling your internal rocket and fire you up to become better day after day.

Now, the tiny part.

Change is hard. When we change all at once, we often deplete our energy tanks and revert to the mean. Homeostasis is hard to beat.

Rather than going all-in, it is better to go small, steady, and effective.

In medicine, there is the concept of the Minimum Effective Dose. When a patient is given medicine, any amount over the MED is wasted.

So too, when building habits, it's better to start with the "minimal effective effort." Rather than trying to run 5 or 10 miles on your first run, go for two and then build up from there.

This is where consistency comes in. As you improve day after day, your minimal effective effort will go up. So long as you put in the work and never take two days off in a row, you'll be running those 10 or 20 miles that you wanted in no time.

This is what Tiny Rockets is about: tiny steps all the way to the Moon.