About Me

Who am I?; Work; personal computing environment
Published: November 28, 2021 Reading Time: 6 minutes


I’m devoting all my time to grow the technical team at Meaningful and launching new products.


My Standard of Performance

Hold yourself to the highest standards. - Marcus Aurelius

Rules and principles, if followed consistently, create freedom. Here is what I call “My Standard of Performance” to borrow words from Bill Walsh. I try to embody this standard every day.

Personal Computing Environment

On a normal day I may spend 10+ hours using a computer, so I try to be very selective about the tools I use. Below is the current list of tools and apps I use.


Software (Apps + Scripts)

I try hard to keep my machine as clean as possible. If I start using a new app or service it is because it really solves a pain point. Periodically (once a quarter usually) I’ll review my environment and uninstall whatever I haven’t used in a while.

Also, I divide my tools into “workspaces” depending on the type of work I’m doing. I have three workspaces: default, writing, and programming.

Default Workspace

Writing Workspace

Only three apps are allowed in this workspace: Logseq for notes, ideas, and drafts. The native macOS Dictionary app and Spotify for music.

Programming Workspace