Deep by James Nestor

Published or Updated on 
May 5, 2021


This book just opens your eyes to the ocean world, to the deep that lies beneath us, to that immense blue that humbles me every time I swim in it.

While reading it I felt more attached to the ocean, to its animals than ever. I felt part of the water, felt my water in my face, dreamed of swimming in it and experiencing the doorway to the deep. It is something that I’m surely going to do soon. I am not a big free diving practitioner but the little I’ve done through underwater rugby makes me feel happy and I hope to be able to pursue free diving as a hobby at some point in the near future.

A good read for everybody, this book is well written, explores the ocean in a top-bottom manner, sharing tales, descriptions and experiences from all over the world. I’m sure the author had the time of his life traveling and swimming with whales while writing the book.

A point that struck me was how sad can competitive free diving be. I share all his opinions on this. We need to know our limits, be humble and don’t just try to defy Nature’s law, we are surely at a disadvantage against her!

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