Oracle Night

By Paul Auster

A great novel by one of America's greatest novelists.
Published: April 2, 2022 Reading Time: 5 minutes rating: 10


I’m not an avid science fiction reader, but I’m trying to change that. Great novels are very entertaining and enriching that after reading a few ones I realized I’m missing out big time. This novel was recommended by my friend Karl Krispin who considers Paul Auster one of the great American novelists. He’s totally right.

I found it intriguing that the book is about a writer who struggles to get his creative juices flowing again after an accident. It seems to be a metaphor for Paul Auster himself.

But the most surprising and interesting thing about the plot is that there is a plot within a plot within a plot. Auster writes about a writer who is also writing about a novel. The story plays out in 3 layers, and the way it told and written is quite simply mind-blowing.

Once I picked up the book I couldn’t stop reading it until the end.

Notes & Highlights