The Five Most Important Questions By Peter Drucker

Published or Updated on 
May 5, 2021


This book makes us ask questions that, although simple and obvious in appearance, open avenues of self-exploration and criticism that we would not have found in any other way.

As an individual, this book helped me gain a clearer view of the questions to ask when dealing with new projects and ideas. It gives you a framework to work. The questions are very specific and help you gain more insight about your ideas. In particular - What is your mission? - is the most profound question you can ask when starting an organization, a new project or simply assessing your life’s goals.

This is the first book about management that I read (it was my sister that pointed this out to me, I just read it as part of an entrepreneurship course I attended while at York). I think it does a good job at summarising everything that I need to get me started on any new endeavour.

If anything, this books teaches you to ask questions, the right questions and dig deeper, explore what is that you are trying to achieve. By doing this self-assessment you can go along way and discover things you did not know where there.

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